Except for the legal person of International Union Construction Group investment subject, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of International Union Construction Group. International Union Construction Group does not charge any fees other than investment returns and management fees during the investment process.

International Union Construction Group gives full play to its advantages in business resources and helps enterprises solve financing problems in the process of operation through debt investment and equity investment. To further promote the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises, The Group launched "Coorperating New Era High-Quality Development Protect of Debt Reduction Financing for State-Owned Enterprises with. "Private Enterprises", through UE, UCM, TRS industry fund, PCM, ECM, AM and RCM projects fundamentally help state-owned enterprises to solve the problem of "borrowing the new and returning the old", and drive the coordinated development of private enterprises and win-win cooperation. In order to accelerate the Construction of a healthy China, International Union Construction Group focuses on the field of national health, promotes the rapid development of domestic high-growth high-quality enterprises with industrial investment and securities investment, and meets the equity financing needs of enterprises in various stages of development. In the face of diversified capital needs, International Union Construction Group continues to explore business models, expand financial channels, provide comprehensive financial support for enterprises, and unswervingly promote the high-quality development of China's economy.