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As for enterprises, some of them have small production scale, insufficient financing collateral, operation conditions that do not meet the high financing threshold, low bank support, insufficient asset liquidity and other problems, poor ability to resist market risks, and traditional financial service means are difficult to meet the current financing needs of enterprises.

For solving financing difficulties, International Union Construction Group assets management of supply chain, core enterprise as a starting point, to integrate the supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises in the global scope, make full use of overseas resources and capital advantage, expand the scale of financing, reduce the cost of financing, the internationalization of the financial asset management for the enterprise to provide supply chain solutions.

1. Operation process of global supply chain asset management (bank credit financing)

(1) fund qualified supply chain enterprises for bulk commodity procurement;

(2) help supply chain enterprises to complete global bulk commodity trade and realize revenue and profit;

(3) make consolidated statements and complete global credit granting after 6-12 months.

2. Operation process of global supply chain asset management (operation part of target enterprise)

(1) supply chain enterprises with capital allocation and upstream and downstream trade resources to realize bulk commodity procurement;

(2) to help supply chain enterprises integrate commodity trade flow, remove the cost of intermediate links in the supply chain, and realize profit increment;

(3) expand business income and asset scale through supply chain trade flow, achieve brand effect and improve market competitiveness.