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Aimed at the demand of industrial development, International Union Construction Group led by the capital at home and abroad, the domestic famous investment institutions and large foreign agencies jointly established global industry funds, make capital investment at home and abroad development of strategic emerging industries and infrastructure industries, promote virtuous cycle use of funds, through cross-border capital flow power industry innovation and economic transformation and upgrading.

Generally, the operation mode of industrial fund is as follows: the fund issued by the financing party, which accounts for 10%-30%, is regarded as the inferior grade; the fund led by International Union Construction Group, which accounts for 70%-90% of the capital of large domestic and foreign investment institutions, is regarded as the priority of industrial fund, which is invested in financing enterprises in the form of creditor's rights and enjoys a fixed return on investment.

The industrial fund of International Union Construction Group is a policy fund jointly initiated and established by large investment institutions at home and abroad. It is open to eligible enterprises for application and covers a wide range, enabling more and more enterprises to benefit from the capital dividends brought by the industrial fund and facilitate the high-quality and sustainable development of enterprises.

At the present stage, the economic downward pressure continues to increase, the increasingly fierce market competition, so that enterprises face more risks and challenges, its financing difficult, financing expensive problem is increasingly prominent. In order to solve this problem, International Union Construction Group cooperated with domestic and foreign investment institutions to set up an industrial fund to invest in high-quality enterprises, solve the problem of enterprise capital shortage, and promote industrial transformation and development.

1. 10% to 30% of the funds issued by the financing party shall be regarded as the inferior grade;

2. International Union Construction Group takes the lead in leading domestic and foreign large investment institutions to take 70% to 90% of the capital as the priority of the industrial fund;

3. Priority funds are invested in financing enterprises in the form of creditor's rights and enjoy a fixed return on investment;

4. Commercial Banks with custodian qualifications, as the fund supervision and management institutions of industrial funds, shall supervise the fund management plan in real time.