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"One Belt And One Road" is the abbreviation of "silk road economic belt" and "21st century maritime silk road". In September and October 2013, Chinese President xi jinping respectively proposed the strategic concept of building "new silk road economic belt" and "21st century maritime silk road".

The proposal of the grand strategy of "One Belt And One Road" marks China's transformation from an economic power to an economic power, and also shows China's open, inclusive and cooperative attitude in the global economic integration. Guojian group has always been at the forefront of economic construction and development, with a strong sense of responsibility and mission as the driving force for development, guided by the national development strategic planning, constantly adjusting and upgrading its industrial structure, serving the real economy with financial services, and promoting the rapid and coordinated development of regional economy.

 We will build diversified financial products to enhance cross-border financial services

"One Belt And One Road" strategy has brought many enterprises new markets, new customers and new business, and at the same time, put forward higher requirements on their financial services. Facing increasingly diversification and complication of cross-border financial demand, the building group, constantly improve cross-border financial services, for enterprises to actively provide asset management, supply chain industry, international investment, securities investment fund and equity investment and other professional, comprehensive financial services, reduce the financing cost, expand the international market, promote the "area" financing.

 Give play to the role of finance in promoting Chinese enterprises to "go global"

With the gradual progress of One Belt And One Road construction, Chinese enterprises' new demand for cross-border financing has been activated. China construction group, together with domestic and overseas capital, domestic famous investment institutions and large foreign institutions, provides enterprises with a variety of cross-border financing solutions such as TRS total income swap, OS asset management plan and China construction industry fund, so as to form a capital supply effect, optimize capital allocation direction and implement national industrial policies. China construction group's role as a financial "paving the way and building Bridges" not only helps Chinese enterprises "go global", but also brings the silk road spirit of peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit to the world.

 We will help China's economic globalization by providing financial services to the real economy

In response to the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy, guojian group has helped many enterprises solve financing problems, provided strong financial guarantee for high-speed and sustainable development of enterprises, and made substantial contributions to improving the level of "One Belt And One Road" financing. In this process, China construction group is also continuously pursuing a higher level of development, extending from the enterprise to the whole industrial chain, from domestic expansion to the global capital market, invigorating enterprise capital liquidity, breaking the shackles of industrial development, implementing the requirements of financial services to the real economy, so as to promote the steady development of China's economic globalization.

On September 21, 2015, the 2015 One Belt And One Road media cooperation BBS hosted by People's Daily with the theme of "new pattern of cooperation in a community with a Shared future" was grandly held in the national conference center in Beijing. On the BBS, more than 400 business representatives, experts and scholars, including representatives from the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, Financial and Economic Committee of the NPC, Ministry of Commerce, development research center of the State Council and other departments, as well as leaders of various provinces and cities, attended the meeting and had candid exchanges.

In the high-end dialogue of "One Belt And One Road regional cooperation summit BBS", wang taoyu, President of China construction group, mentioned that the community of common destiny advocated by "One Belt And One Road" is to discuss, build and share together to create a new pattern of cooperation. Guojian group combines the resources of various business fields with "One Belt And One Road", and provides financial support for numerous enterprises through various investment methods such as supply chain asset management, industrial fund, international investment, securities investment and equity investment, so as to realize the purpose of developing strategic emerging industries, optimizing industrial structure and accelerating economic transformation.