Disclaimer: In the absence of the official confirmation with the International Union Construction Group, please do not credulously believe the remarks made by individuals or companies about the investment and financing projects cooperation of the International Union Construction Group that have not been authorized by the International Union Construction Group, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. Except the legal person of the investment subject of the International Union Construction Group, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of the International Union Construction Group. The International Union Construction Group does not charge any fees except interest in the process of investment.
Chance > Talent Idea

Adhering to the philosophy of people-oriented, pragmatic and efficient talent idea, ICG builds an employee-friendly working environment and serves as a big stage to give full play to one's talents and realize self-worth. With the rapid development of ICG for the past few years, ICG highlights human resources that has become an important part in our strategic planning and core competence. ICG is committed to providing a unique chance to stimulate creativity and ambition to make achievements, fielding an elite team of highly talented employees with pragmatic, innovative and enterprising spirit.

ICG adopts the vision that we expand the market to achieve capital appreciation and provide career development space for the employees by means of material and spiritual wealth contribution. ICG is an enterprise in which we respect knowledge and personality and embrace harmonious development of talents and companies; we appreciate hard-working, innovative and responsible people with sound morality and highly professional dedication; we emphasize institutional management to use personnel’s advantages in accordance with their aptitude. Exploring talents and unearthing capabilities, ICG serves as a life stage on which an excellent career prospect is offered; special ability and wisdom can be fully displayed; creativity is highly encouraged.