Disclaimer: without confirmation with International Union Construction Group, please do not believe the remarks about "International Union Construction Group investment and financing project cooperation" made by individuals or companies without authorization of the company, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.
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International Union Construction Group (ICG) is a large International joint-stock enterprise, which is committed to China and International markets through OS asset management, overseas investment, supply chain asset management, industrial funds, portfolio investment and equity investment. The group has three centers, namely,   policy center,financial center and administrative center.

The group mainly invests in listed companies, domestic enterprises directly under the central government, large local state-owned enterprises, large private enterprises or joint-stock enterprises. Business investment areas include: health, energy, science and technology, civil-military integration, culture, film and television and many other strategic emerging industries. By stimulating the vitality of enterprises through capital integration, the group has given full play to the unique role of investment guidance, structural adjustment and capital operation in the industrial development.

Based on the global capital market, International Union Construction Group deepens and expands international cooperation in various fields, firmly grasps the investment opportunities brought by the changes in the world economic pattern and China's reform and transformation, actively explores and innovates, and realizes the internationalization of asset operation and investment management!