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Adhering to the mission of "taking national construction as its own responsibility", International Union Construction Group has formulated financial investment strategy closely around the basic industry investment fund (i.e. "one belt, one road" Industrial Fund) of which the initiating shareholder is “one belt, one road”, and actively invested in the debt and equity of state-owned enterprises and listed companies. In 2019, all businesses of ICG invested 105.6 billion yuan in total, 66.58 billion yuan in debt investment covering 109 investment projects.

On the basis of the principle that party-building leads development, ICG earnestly implements the relevant guidance of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on financial capital management. Taking supporting the real economy as the starting point and foothold, the group upholds and implements the development concept of serving the national top level strategy. In the context of national development strategy of “one belt, one road”, the group conscientiously implements the overall deployment of Vision and Action for Jointly Building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, steps up the “one belt, one road” financing and promotes other "four links" through finance. The Group actively integrates business development with national financial strategic planning and attunes to a new normal of economic development to promote the "one belt, one road" industrial fund with financial reform and innovation, aiming at expanding the scope of investment services, improving the quality of financial services, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation and upgrading of industrial development, and fully supporting the orderly implementation of the national financial investment strategy.


The group distributes the Chinese and international markets through industry funds, OS asset management, debt reduction financing DRF, securities investment, equity investment and other sectors. ICG has three major centers: strategic center (Beijing), financial center (Hong Kong) and administrative center (Tianjin). The group mainly invests in listed companies, domestic enterprises directly under the central government, local large state-owned enterprises, large private or joint-stock enterprises, with a main investment focus on large health, energy, science and technology, civil military integration, cultural film and television and many other strategic emerging industries.

To promote the “one belt, one road” industrial fund, ICG adheres to the cooperative principle of "joint discussion, building together and win win" and brings into full play the advantages of group business and capital. Taking “introducing” as the operation core of the “one belt, one road” industrial fund, the group attracts low-cost foreign capital into domestic real economy to provide enterprises with multichannel, medium and long-term, sustainable financial support, and help enterprises invigorate capital mobility, thus boosting the confidence of enterprises and enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the international market. The group persists in the coordination between taking the enterprises as the main body and international operating model harmoniously and simultaneously to ensure that the “one belt, one road” industrial fund will keep a firm track. Meanwhile, ICG is committed to the sustainability of investment cooperation, takes various measures to effectively control risks and actively develops green finance.

In international cooperation, ICG, together with partners such as world-renowned financial institutions and investment banks, participates in “one belt, one road” strategic emerging industry investment, improves the international influence and competitiveness of enterprises and further constructs a new pattern of investment featuring cooperative development and mutual benefit. At present, ICG has solved the working capital and medium and long-term funds for the development of nearly 100 Chinese enterprises, with a main focus on state-owned enterprises and listed companies that support the strategy of “one belt, one road” .

Based on the global capital market, ICG has deepened and expanded international cooperation in various fields, firmly grasped the investment opportunities brought by the changes of world economic pattern and China's reform and transformation, actively exploring and innovating, thus achieving the goal of the internationalization of asset operation and investment management!