Disclaimer: In the absence of the official confirmation with the International Union Construction Group, please do not credulously believe the remarks made by individuals or companies about the investment and financing projects cooperation of the International Union Construction Group that have not been authorized by the International Union Construction Group, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. Except the legal person of the investment subject of the International Union Construction Group, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of the International Union Construction Group. The International Union Construction Group does not charge any fees except interest in the process of investment.
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Group Culture

The full name of ICG is International Union Construction Group Shares Limited, a famous state-owned joint-stock investment bank in China.The International Union Construction Group is committed to the mission of taking state construction as its responsibility. It focuses on the development of financial investment strategy for the large shareholder, namely the Belt and Road Basic Industry Investment Limited Company (i.e. "the Belt and Road" Industry Fund), and actively investing in the debt and equity of state-owned enterprises and listed companies.The Group has four centers, namely strategic center (Beijing), investment center (Shenzhen), financial center (Hong Kong) and administrative center (Tianjin) and establishes the following subsidiaries, responsible for respective business, including Guojian Ruiyin Construction Co., Limited, Shanghai Guojian Yehua Investment Management Co., Limited and etc.In 2019, the group's total investment in various business sectors is 105.6 billion yuan, including 66.58 billion yuan in debt investment, involving 109 investment projects. In 2020, the group's total investment in various business sectors is 159.65 billion yuan, including 96.58 billion yuan of debt investment, involving 165 investment projects.
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Our Mission

Invest international basic industry,develop sustainable ecology.

Our Vision

We expand the market to achieve capital appreciation and provide career development space for the employees by means of material and spiritual wealth contribution.

Core Values

Study the essence of things to attain knowledge,Implement plans with keen determination;Bring about new changes rapidly with each passing day,Undertake social commitment with generosity and benevolence.

  • 2013-12

    Formation of Industrial Cluster Strategy of ICG in December 2013.

  • 2014-04

    ICG reached complete cooperative agreement with China Galaxy Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, Zheshang Securities, Huatai Securities, Guangfa Securities and Dongxing Securities.

  • 2015-07

    ICG won a prize for the most influential industry brand of 2015 on the 4th China Finance Summit.

  • 2015-09

    ICG was awarded the title of AAA demonstration enterprise for the integrity of management of China on the Business Integrity and Competitiveness Summit in China.

  • 2015-09

    The Industrial Park of ICG made its appearance on The Belt and Road Regional Cooperation Summit in 2015.

  • 2016-01

    ICG won an award for responsibility brand on the 5th Charity Festival.

  • 2016-11

    ICG had the honor to win the influential brand of 2016.

  • 2017-01

    ICG won an award for charity campaign innovation in 2016 on the 6th Charity Festival.

  • 2017-02

    The subsidiary fund company of ICG was awarded AAA leading enterprise for the integrity of management by five major credit rating agencies.

  • 2017-08

    ICG and CCTV Finance reached strategic cooperation.

  • 2017-12

    ICG was top ten market leader of urban industrial cluster of China in 2017.

  • 2018-04

    ICG wins the "Leading Brand Award in China's Supply Chain Finance Industry" at the 7th China Financial Science and Technology Summit.

  • 2018-10

    International Union Construction Group was invited to participate in the 2018 China enterprise international financing fair.

  • 2019-01

    At the 4th China economic new model innovation and development summit, International Union Construction Group was awarded the honor of "enterprise with outstanding contribution to China's economic development".

  • 2019-10

    ICG won the top award of "2019 China 'One Belt And One Road' industrial investment leading enterprise" by the new leader of Chinese enterprises.

  • 2019-11

    ICG was crowned "China's 'One Belt And One Road' urban infrastructure investment leader" at the One Belt And One Road global Chinese enterprises and overseas investment summit 2019.

  • 2020-05

    at the second annual meeting of global wealth finance, ICG was honored as the "most valuable investment institution of the year".

  • 2020-06

    At the 2020 China Industrial Investment and financing Summit,ICG won "the state-owned enterprise investment bail-out outstanding contribution award".

  • 2020-12

    At the 2020 China Economic Summit Forum and the 18th annual meeting of Chinese economic figures, the International Union Construction Group was awarded the most powerful bail-out institution in the new era one belt, one road, in Debt Reduction Finance.

  • 2021-04

    ICG led the launch of the Third CICA Financial Summit in 2021.

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