Disclaimer: In the absence of the official confirmation with the International Union Construction Group, please do not credulously believe the remarks made by individuals or companies about the investment and financing projects cooperation of the International Union Construction Group that have not been authorized by the International Union Construction Group, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. Except the legal person of the investment subject of the International Union Construction Group, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of the International Union Construction Group. The International Union Construction Group does not charge any fees except interest in the process of investment.
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The International Union Construction Group takes the lead in domestic and foreign capital, famous domestic investment institutions and large foreign institutions to invest in high growth quality domestic enterprises in the form of equity, and deeply plans the primary market, the primary and half market and the secondary market to meet the equity financing needs of enterprises at all stages of development. The International Union Construction Group attracts high-quality funds at home and abroad to meet the needs of enterprise development, improve the level of enterprise management, and build a global pattern. At the same time, the International Union Construction Group participates in improving the operation and management of the enterprises, grafts the group's resources and capabilities in capital, technology and management, and grows together with the enterprises, providing new opportunities and new momentum for the industrialization, internationalization and sustainable development of the enterprises.

The International Union Construction Group has further expanded the primary market and arranged the big health industry through equity investment, focusing on biotechnology fields such as gene engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, etc., medical service fields centering on Chinese and Western medicine treatment, pharmaceutical production, physical therapy and rehabilitation; and health management fields with health preservation, physical examination service and sports health as a backbone. The International Union Construction Group gathers high-quality funds and resources, actively invests in the core enterprises of big health industry with high innovation power, high growth and high technology, radiates upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain driven to the common development, and builds a high-tech, diversified and international big health industry ecosystem.

Adhering to the concept of value investment, the International Union Construction Group arranges the first and a half markets aiming at investigating and researching on the market competitiveness, executive literacy, performance level, industry prospect and other aspects of enterprises, selecting high-quality enterprises listed in the mainland or Hong Kong capital markets to participate in private placement and international placing and mainly investing in strategic emerging industries covering advanced manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, information technology. The International Union Construction Group takes the enterprise intrinsic value as the investment benchmark, discovers and taps the potential growth power of listed companies, and pays attention to the sustainable growth ability of enterprise value. The International Union Construction Group not only injects high-quality capital at home and abroad, but also integrates management, brand, technology and other resources to realize the long-term benefits of enterprise development, and has become strategic investor of many well-known listed companies.

In order to effectively help enterprises solve their development problems, the International Union Construction Group focuses on the secondary market, sets up a master fund to carry out securities investment, introduces high-quality capital for enterprises through systematic investment strategy, risk assessment and comprehensive compliance due diligence, so as to enhance market share and core competitiveness. The International Union Construction Group has a professional and first-class investment and research team which adheres to value investment and rational investment, takes quantitative investment as the leading factor, supplemented by macro research and event driven research. The International Union Construction Group explores excellent investment targets in the secondary market and effectively guides capital investment into the real economy. With the help of the influence of the capital market, the International Union Construction Group can help the listed companies further upgrade their brand value and optimize their operation strategies so as to further strengthen their international influence and comprehensive strength.


FOFs involve fixed income strategy, value strategy, quantitative hedging, mixed strategy, Hong Kong stocks, long stocks, CTA strategy, overseas assets and other full strategy allocation.


Through the internal screening system, we selected the top 50 fund managers nationwide as the alternative fund managers of the mother fund, and selected the top several fund managers that best fit the target of the mother fund as our investment team.

Tracking the fund with the strongest profitability, stable income and the smallest historical retracement among the top 100 funds in the industry performance comprehensive ranking, in-depth research was conducted to select the most cutting-edge sub-fund with the most investment development and in line with the profit target of the parent fund for strategic analysis and fund portfolio allocation.