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The National Development and Reform Commission and 15 other departments jointly issued a paper encouraging financial institutions to actively support the development of supply chain financial services

Epicenter wide net Beijing on November 16 (reporter Chai Hua) according to the central radio and television news desk the voice of China "national news broadcast" report, the national development and reform commission, the people's bank of China, such as silver circ 15 departments recently jointly issued "on the development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry depth fusion of the implementation opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), and encourage financial institutions to actively support the development of the supply chain financial service and equipment finance lease business.

It is an inevitable trend of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation to promote the in-depth integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry. It is also an important channel to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, cultivate a modern industrial system and achieve high-quality development.

According to the opinions, financial support should be increased, and financial institutions should be encouraged to provide medium - and long-term financing to enterprises and projects with integrated development of the two industries in accordance with the commercial principle based on functional positioning, so as to adapt to the characteristics of their production and construction cycle, steadily carry out merger and acquisition loan business, and actively support the development of supply chain financial services. We will support qualified enterprises to go public for financing and issue corporate bonds, corporate bonds and debt financing tools for non-financial enterprises. The intellectual property pledge information platform shall be established to expand the scale of intellectual property pledge financing.

The guideline also pointed out that new paths should be explored for the integrated development of key industries and areas. In the financial sector, we need to improve the quality and efficiency of financial services manufacturing. We will continue to provide financial services to the real economy, innovate products and services, effectively prevent risks, and standardize the integration of industry and finance. Relying on the advantages of capital, customers, data and credit of leading enterprises in the industrial chain, we will develop supply chain financial services such as notes, accounts receivable, inventory and prepayment financing based on real transaction background. We will encourage the development of equipment financing leasing.

The guidelines call for a review of regulations, normative documents and other policies that restrict the integrated development of the two industries. We will relax market access and deepen reform of the management system for qualifications, certification and accreditation.