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International Union Construction Group research on debt reduction and financing has made full efforts to escort the new journey of local state-owned enterprises

The National State-owned Enterprise reform deepening and upgrading action mobilization deployment teleconference was held in Beijing on July 18, 2023. The meeting stressed that focusing on the needs of the country, focus on key problems, and solidly promote the deepening and upgrading of state-owned enterprise reform. With the promotion of a new round of reform, the continuous improvement of "core competitiveness" and "core functions", the rapid release of production capacity in all links of the industrial chain, and the acceleration of product and technology iteration, state-owned enterprises need the support of financial capital. In this context, International Union Construction Group studied and implemented the new deployment and new requirements made by the Party for financial work, focused on debt investment and equity investment, and further promoted the "topic of Local State-owned enterprises' debt reduction financing (DRF) to help high-quality development in the New era", and actively explored a development path that not only followed the general laws of the capital market but also had Chinese characteristics.


In the meeting on the 18th, "unswervingly stronger, better and bigger state-owned enterprises" was throughout. For this deployment arrangement, International Union Construction Group gave full play to the advantages of state-owned shareholding investment groups, and implemented the "New Era of local State-owned Enterprise debt reduction Financing (DRF) to help high-quality development topics" nationwide, strengthening financial services at multiple levels such as policy resources, platform docking, product services, capital introduction, risk control and guarantee. Through the two financing models of debt-to-equity swap and joint asset management, International Union Construction Group focuses on solving the problems of high corporate debt ratio, difficult financing and expensive financing, and helps local state-owned enterprises obtain long-term, low-cost and high-limit financial support, achieve debt reduction and effectively solve the problem of hidden debt of enterprises.


In the new round of reform, "around the needs of the country" has become the core keyword. This also indicates that financial services should not only help enterprises achieve short-term "emergency", but also achieve long-term "upgrading" based on the needs of the country, the plight of the industrial chain and supply chain, and the trend of the industry. Local state-owned enterprises participating in the "New Era of Local State-owned enterprises Debt Reduction financing (DRF) to help high-quality development" after obtaining financing, can invest in the local or national advantages of the big health industry and International Union Construction Group industrial investment fund, industrial investment fund through the acquisition of small and medium-sized enterprises related to the big health industry chain. Concentrate industrial advantages to make the invested health industry bigger, stronger, and more precise, to achieve the purpose of listing or acquisition of advantageous enterprises, to create greater economic benefits, so as to help local industrial upgrading, help rural revitalization, achieve high-quality development of the local economy, and finally crack the problem of "borrowing the new and returning the old". Practice has proved that "the New era of local State-owned enterprises debt reduction financing (DRF) to help high-quality development" can not only reduce the corporate debt ratio, but also promote local state-owned enterprises to play a leading force to achieve the coordinated development of industry and economy.


Combined with the current policy and reform direction, local state-owned enterprises are taking on the important mission of leading the construction of modern industries, and their advantages in the strategic emerging industrial chain will be significantly improved, and the future development momentum will be stronger. International Union Construction Group will also pay close attention to the development dynamics and needs of local state-owned enterprises, actively cooperate with a new round of state-owned enterprise reform deepening and upgrading actions, and constantly improve the "New Era of Local State-owned enterprise debt reduction financing (DRF) to help high-quality development", strengthen the exploration of financial services to the real economy and the implementation of financial programs. We will vigorously support local state-owned enterprises in making greater contributions to building a new development pattern and promoting Chinese-style modernization.