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ICG innovates financial services, accurately rescues enterprises and unimpeds "double cycle"

Under the new development pattern of double cycles, the domestic cycle is the main body, which means that the foothold of high-quality economic development is mainly at home. As the backbone of China's economic development, Chinese enterprises are in the stage of resuming growth, and they urgently need a steady stream of high-quality capital to relieve financial pressure, stimulate their vitality and build confidence in development. In the face of the urgent financing needs of enterprises, ICG continues to explore business models and expand financial channels to meet the development needs of enterprises in an all-round way and fully support the double-cycle development strategy.

ICG fully implements the national policies of "Six Stables" and "Six Guarantees", deepens the supply-side structural reform, and meets the financing needs of enterprises of different scales and stages of development through debt investment and equity investment. Group has a strategic center (Beijing), financial centre (Hong Kong) and administrative center (tianjin) three big, there are countries build ubs construction co., LTD., Shanghai investment management co., LTD., and thus China make great contribution to tianjin subsidiary is responsible for the specific business such as investment management co., LTD., formed the horizontal coordination, further development of management system, To provide enterprises with high quality, efficient and flexible financial services.

From the current stage of development, large state-owned enterprises and listed companies are the leader of the smooth double cycle, but the debt pressure and funding gap undoubtedly become the shackles of enterprises to speed up the development. ICG focuses on debt reduction financing (DRF) asset management programs to help enterprises enter the international market where capital costs are more favorable, appropriately introduce low-cost capital, relieve the pressure on enterprises' financing costs, and solve the problems of high debt ratio, difficult and expensive financing for enterprises. In view of the differences in enterprises' operating modes and financing needs, China State Construction DRF Asset Management provides six implementation solutions, including joint factoring, joint leasing, capital and equity increase, debt-for-equity swap, SPV project financing and REITs real estate investment trust fund. All participating enterprises can choose at least two schemes to declare according to their own situation, one of which is used as repayment guarantee. State Construction DRF asset management can not only revitalize enterprise assets, enhance the value of enterprise assets, but also optimize the debt structure and reduce the debt ratio of enterprises. Through the two-pronged approach of financing and debt reduction, enterprises can effectively improve their profitability, prevent and defuse financial risks, and truly achieve the benefit of enterprise rescue.

As a state-owned joint-stock investment bank, ICG always adheres to the mission of "taking national construction as its own duty" and "supplying oxygen" to the real economy with financial power. According to the statistics of the third-party authority, the total investment of each business segment of the Group in 2020 is 159.65 billion yuan, including 96.58 billion yuan of debt investment, involving a total of 165 investment projects. Up to now, ICG has solved the problem of working capital and medium - and long-term capital for hundreds of Chinese enterprises. Based on the domestic cycle and promoting the double cycle, ICG has been highly recognized by the government, society and enterprises.

Practice has proved that financial services should not only help enterprises achieve short-term "emergency", but also take into account long-term "upgrade". ICG will continue to step up its efforts to serve the real economy through debt reduction and financing. This will not only help enterprises move forward light, but also promote supply-side structural reform, stimulate the driving force for innovation, and build up strength for high-quality development of the Chinese economy. Only by promoting the deep integration of the capital market, scientific and technological innovation and the real economy, and establishing an efficient and smooth internal circulation, can we form a strong gravitational field of global resource factors, fully connect with external circulation, and build a new development pattern featuring benign interaction and mutual promotion at home and abroad.