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Build an open and innovative ecosystem

"Science and technology are worldwide and of The Times." At the 20th General Assembly of Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the 15th General Assembly of Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the 10th National Congress of China Association for Science and Technology, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed the need to build an open and innovative ecology and participate in global scientific and technological governance.

International scientific and technological cooperation is the general trend, and the development of science and technology must have a global perspective. Of innovation, independent innovation is an open environment to gather all of the gas, through the power of eight directions, the implementation of more open and inclusive international science and technology cooperation, mutual sharing strategy, insist on his own things done, continue to improve science and technology independent innovation ability at the same time, in a more open thinking and measures to promote international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation and to improve its scientific and technological innovation ability in the opening up and cooperation, China has become a broad stage for global scientific and technological openness and cooperation. As Xi Jinping has stressed, "We need to balance development and security, plan and promote innovation with a global perspective, actively integrate ourselves into the global innovation network, focus on issues such as climate change and human health, and strengthen joint research and development with researchers from other countries. We should take the initiative to design and launch international big science plans and projects, and set up a global scientific research fund."

Since the 19th CPC National Congress, we have upheld the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind, expanded openness and cooperation in the field of science and technology, actively integrated ourselves into the global network of scientific and technological innovation, actively participated in addressing major challenges facing mankind, and worked hard to bring the benefits of scientific and technological innovation to more countries and people. We must recognize that technology is a powerful tool for development, but it can also be a source of risk. This requires us to be deeply involved in global governance of science and technology, to make a forethought study of rules conflicts, social risks and ethical challenges brought about by science and technology development, and to improve relevant laws and regulations, ethics review rules and regulatory framework. We should make the best use of global innovation resources, comprehensively enhance China's position in the global innovation landscape, and enhance China's influence and rule-making capacity in global science and technology governance. As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "We should deeply participate in global governance of science and technology, contribute Chinese wisdom, shape the cultural concept of science and technology for good, enable science and technology to better improve the well-being of mankind, and enable Chinese science and technology to make greater contribution to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind!"

Science and technology are the common wealth of mankind and should be widely used to benefit all mankind. The world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is advancing at a rapid pace. The common challenges facing mankind require joint efforts of all countries. No country can be an independent center of innovation, or enjoy the fruits of innovation. Countries should step up cooperation on innovation, promote deeper integration of science and technology with the economy, and share the fruits of innovation. Efforts should be made to break down barriers to the flow of innovation factors such as knowledge, technology and human resources, and support enterprises in independently carrying out technological exchanges and cooperation so as to ensure the full flow of innovation sources. At present, the world is facing various challenges such as the COVID-19 epidemic. Countries should strengthen scientific and technological innovation and cooperation, promote more open, inclusive, mutually beneficial and shared international exchanges on scientific and technological innovation, contribute to global economic recovery and people's health, and make the fruits of scientific and technological innovation more accessible, shared and used by more countries and people.

Boats strive for success, those who strive hard are the first. The era of new technology revolution and industrial revolution wave pentium, and in the new historical starting point, let us lift up more than 1.4 billion sails for the Chinese people's longing for a better life, a powerful engine to scientific and technological innovation, let the ship of China, to the world of science and technology power forward, towards the advancing of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, to move forward, a better future for mankind.

Source: State-owned Assets and Administration Commission of the State Council