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ICG encourages enterprises to innovate the new pattern of service double cycle with equity investment

In 2021, China is in an important period of strategic opportunities and its economic recovery will continue to advance. Accelerating the building of a new development pattern featuring domestic cycles as the mainstay and mutually reinforcing domestic and international cycles has become an important thread running through China's economic development. As the lifeblood of the real economy, finance plays a key role in building a new pattern of development, as it has many functions such as guiding and optimizing the allocation of resources, facilitating innovation and entrepreneurship, and industrial upgrading.

Facing the new challenges brought by the new situation, ICG, as a state-owned joint-stock investment bank, takes supporting the real economy as the starting point and foothold, and takes serving the top-level national strategy as the development concept of the group. The Group focuses on listed companies, domestic enterprises directly under the central government, large local state-owned enterprises, large private or joint-stock enterprises. Through debt investment and equity investment, the Group can solve the financing problems of enterprises, stimulate the vitality and creativity of market players, and enhance the resilience and potential of China's economic development.

China's economy in the new era is based on the strategic positioning of scientific and technological innovation, self-reliance and self-improvement and the new development pattern of "double cycles" mutually promoting, which has created a superior development environment for many high-growth enterprises and also brought more investment opportunities for the equity investment market. Facing the trend of innovation-led industrial development, ICG, together with domestic and overseas capital, famous domestic investment institutions and large foreign institutions, invests in high-quality enterprises with high growth potential in China, covering the primary market, the primary and semi-market and the secondary market, to meet their equity financing needs in all stages of development.

In actual operation, the ICG deep big health industry, the primary market focus around the mentality, eating, sleeping, sports, medicine (traditional Chinese and western medicine) five directions to dig deeper into investment value, actively explore can meet the demand of enterprise value and industrial investment, management, operation mode and risk control of security, construction of high-tech, diversified, international health industry ecosystem. In the primary and semi-market, ICG focuses on the ability of sustainable growth of enterprise value, inspects and investigates the market competitiveness, executive quality, performance level, industry prospects and other aspects of the enterprise, and selects high-quality enterprises listed in the mainland or Hong Kong capital markets to participate in private placement and international placement. For the secondary market, ICG sets up a parent fund to carry out securities investment, which is led by quantitative investment, supplemented by macro research and event-driven research. Through systematic investment strategy, risk assessment and comprehensive compliance due diligence, ICG introduces high-quality capital to enterprises, and improves market share and core competitiveness.

Since the new double-cycle development pattern was put forward, the state has actively adjusted macroeconomic policies, assisted enterprises, and built up strong momentum for high-quality development of enterprises with high innovation level, great development potential and strong comprehensive competitiveness through the capital market, thus unimpeding the internal cycle and double-cycle. ICG has always been based on the source of finance, expand various financing channels, meet the diversified, multi-level and multi-stage capital needs of enterprises, promote the coordinated development of innovation chain, industrial chain and value chain, and accelerate the construction of a new double-cycle development pattern.