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One Belt And One Road industry fund revitalization cross-border financing ICG accelerated SOE debt relief

In September 2013, the top-level strategy of "One Belt And One Road" was formally proposed. Over the past seven years and more, economic and cultural exchanges between countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road have become increasingly frequent. The member states have established in-depth cooperative relations in infrastructure, resource development, industrial investment, capital integration and many other areas. In particular, the orderly progress of cross-border financial connectivity has brought capital dividends for Chinese companies to benefit all.

In the field of "One Belt And One Road" industry and finance cooperation, ICG, as a state-owned joint-stock investment bank, plays an important role as a bridge. The Group will closely integrate business development with the national financial strategic planning, and promote the "One Belt And One Road" industrial fund through financial reform and innovation. By customizing financial services around the "One Belt And One Road" industrial fund, it helps state-owned enterprises and listed companies to realize the financing appeal of debt reduction and bailout. According to the financial data statistics platform, in 2020, the total investment of ICG's various business sectors was 159.65 billion yuan, including 96.58 billion yuan of debt investment, involving a total of 165 investment projects.

As one of the five links of "One Belt And One Road" initiative, financial financing is an important support for the construction of "One Belt And One Road". ICG makes full use of its business and capital advantages to activate the capital financing of countries along the "One Belt And One Road" route. It raises medium and long term funds for the development of enterprises through the international financial market, helps large state-owned enterprises and listed companies to enter the international capital market with more favorable capital costs, and expands the channels for enterprises to obtain low-cost funds. Taking debt reduction financing DRF asset management as an example, according to the operation conditions of large state-owned enterprises and listed companies, China Construction DRF asset management provides financing enterprises with six financing modes: joint factoring, joint leasing, capital and equity increase, debt-for-equity swap, SPV project financing and REITs real estate investment trust fund. Enterprises can choose one or more flexible combinations according to the current demand for debt relief. Through a series of implementation cases, it is fully demonstrated that DRF asset management can effectively help enterprises improve their debt structure, increase disposable working capital, resolve stock debt in an orderly way, and effectively reduce the debt ratio while obtaining high-quality capital injection.

As the executive director of the China Association for the Promotion of Development Finance, ICG plays a leading role in promoting cross-border financing, supporting the domestic real economy and financial service innovation. At the same time, we have accumulated a large number of feasible plans for the debt relief of state-owned enterprises and listed companies. Among the six financing modes of China State Construction DRF Asset Management, joint factoring and joint leasing can help enterprises obtain liquid funds to pay off debts, thus reducing the asset-liability ratio. In addition, financing enterprises can participate in capital increase and share expansion or SPV project financing programs, so as to achieve financing purposes without increasing liabilities, and reduce the asset-liability ratio when the SPV project is profitable. Companies can also use debt-for-equity swaps to convert debt into equity, so as to reduce debt pressure while raising funds. In addition, it can also realize financing by transferring equity or franchise rights through REITs and applying for listing and public offering of fund shares. Through the combination of different financing modes, China Construction DRF Asset Management helps enterprises to connect with the global capital market and opens up a new way of financing and rescue.

Years of development have proved that the joint development of the One Belt And One Road has opened up new space for world economic growth. A new platform for cross-border financial services; It has also created new opportunities for the development of Chinese enterprises. Under the new situation, ICG will continue to give full play to the effectiveness of capital, let the "One Belt And One Road" industrial fund benefit more Chinese enterprises, continuously improve the level of financial services, and promote enterprises to enter the track of high-speed development.