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China's economic media conference on supply chain: promoting innovation of new economic drivers

Six supply chain experts and five finance experts held a heated discussion on supply chain management and supply chain finance at the sub-forum of the 2019 China economic media conference in shaoxing, east China's zhejiang province, on the afternoon of December 7.

Hu dajian, director of the purchasing and supply chain management committee of the China federation of logistics and purchasing, believes that the research and practice of modern supply chain management in the new era can reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve the quality of development, and further promote the innovation of new drivers of China's economy. Starting from how to improve the management level of industrial supply chain, we can make full use of advanced supply chain management technology and mode to replace the inefficient and extensive operation mode in the past, so as to promote the supply-side structural reform. Through the construction of efficient and coordinated global supply chain system, promote the construction of "One Belt And One Road" and promote the globalization process.

Professor hu qiying, dean of the school of management of fudan university, said that supply chain is a kind of connection, connecting enterprises to form enterprise supply chain, connecting industries to form industrial supply chain, connecting industries and cities to form urban supply chain, and connecting countries to form national supply chain. These chains are interrelated. For example, the industrial chain determines the range of activities of an enterprise's supply chain, which is changed by the enterprise's supply chain, while the value chain measures the value of each link of the supply chain and the industrial chain. The connecting tool is supply chain five flow: material, information flow, capital flow, knowledge flow, business flow. The urban development industry needs to find the relevant cities and related industries, and how to connect with itself, in this need to consider the supply chain five flow elements.

Huaxin consulting design and research institute director He Jitao starting from the core role of supply chain in the modern competition, explained the system will promote the development of supply chain with supply chain finance, the current main mode, the development of the domestic situation, the current domestic supply chain finance development deficiencies are summarized, and further analyzes the causes of the supply chain finance development much cry and little wool. Based on the analysis of the factors influencing the implementation of the national strategy of supply chain and the rapid advancement of information technology, the paper puts forward the development trend of supply chain finance to become platform, specialization and ecology.

Song yuqing, director of procurement management at Beijing wuzi university, elaborated on the key issues in the implementation of supply chain management by state-owned enterprises. He believes state-owned enterprises should do something to improve supply chain management in China. In the layout of supply chain industry, state-owned enterprises should take the initiative to layout key nodes of supply chain, so as to ensure the security of national supply chain. In enterprise operation, state-owned enterprises should attach importance to the strategic contribution of supply chain and enhance the competitiveness of the whole enterprise supply chain. On supply chain operations, the state-owned enterprises should establish excellent supply chain management system, give full play to the enterprise supply chain system resources potential, and make strategic sourcing, purchasing and procurement daily, in the key supply chain performance indicators of quality, cost, delivery, service, innovation, management, health, safety and environmental protection to achieve transcendence, horizontal and vertical development make demonstration of the development of the high quality of the supply chain.

Xia ye, an expert from China federation of logistics and purchasing, Shared the basic ideas and key points of enterprise supply chain reform. In the context of industrial upgrading, enterprises, as industrial cells, need to continuously improve the efficiency of supply chain through management reform. In the process of implementing changes, enterprises need to establish supply chain objectives that can closely support their development strategies, build management organizations that can support these objectives, design and train operational processes, and transform the working tools represented by IT systems. Strategic objectives, organizational personnel, institutional processes, and technical tools work together to form a workable solution. In the process of implementing change, it is important to focus on the command role of prediction and planning; The leading influence of new product development on supply chain performance; And the right concept of using consulting services. When talking about the prospect of supply chain innovation and breakthrough in China, xia ye emphasized that theoretical study and training of excellent supply chain talents are crucial to the development of China's supply chain.

Li hong, director of digital transformation in China at SAP, believes that digital transformation is no longer a concept, or a slogan, but the only way for many enterprises to survive in this increasingly competitive business environment. With the rapid development of the Internet, personalization, transparency and experience first have become a new trend of consumption. This has become a mode not only in the personal consumption market, but also in the enterprise-level business communication. How to bring the B2C experience to the B2B business model and improve the competitiveness of enterprises has become particularly important. In the process of enterprise digital transformation, many enterprises ignore the essential difference between "automation" and "digitalization", and simply regard the replacement of manual work by machines as the result of digitalization. Ultimately, the goal of digital transformation is to turn systems and machines into active communicators and facilitators of advice. Li hong concluded that the "connection" must be achieved in the digital transformation. Through the gradual promotion of five nodes, the digital transformation is implemented into the daily operation of enterprises.

Financial experts li hao, xiao-ming cheng, KeMuLing, zhi-ling Yang, Lu Yanyi new three board, kechuang board, multi-level capital market under the new policy of the gem and the future development trend, published their own unique insights, and respectively from the securities practitioners (investors), investment institutions, enterprises and regulators in registration system is analyzed the different dimensions such as the historical opportunity of capital market.

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