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Aaron Wang, President of International Union Construction Group: guojian industrial fund effectively solves the financial problems of enterprises

At present, China's economy is at a critical stage of transforming its mode, structure and driving force. At the same time, we should also address the impact and challenges brought about by china-us economic and trade frictions on economic development. Under the influence of internal and external alternation, solving the financing needs of enterprises and promoting industrial development have become the key forces driving the economy to improve quality and increase efficiency. In this context, the ministry of science and technology, the all-china federation of industry and commerce and the tianjin municipal people's government jointly hosted the 2018 international financing symposium for Chinese enterprises, attended by vice secretary of tianjin municipal committee and mayor zhang guoqing, vice secretary of the CPC leading group of the all-china federation of industry and commerce, full-time vice President fan youshan and member of the CPC leading group of the ministry of science and technology. Aaron Wang, President of China International Union Construction Group, was invited to participate in the conference. After the conference, he was interviewed by reporters to share the valuable experience of China International Union Construction Group in the process of establishing industrial fund to ease the financing difficulties of enterprises.

Hello, Mr. Wang. Thank you for your interview. At present, the domestic economy is facing a new round of opportunities and challenges, and enterprises are in urgent need of capital assistance. How do you view the current situation of enterprise financing?

Aaron Wang: in the new normal of the economy, the state has issued a number of policy dividends to ease the financing difficulties of enterprises. The national development and reform commission has made clear that it will actively support high-quality enterprises to raise funds through the bond market and encourage them to use the bond funds for major national strategies, key areas and projects. At the same time, the central bank is also studying the establishment of equity financing support tools for private enterprises to provide staged equity financing support for enterprises in financial difficulties. The close statements made by the ministries and commissions of the state indicate the determination of the state to solve the financing difficulties and high costs of enterprises. At present, the problem of enterprise financing has obtained great benefits at the policy level. The financing channels of enterprises are gradually expanding and the financing scale is also gradually increasing.

Through the years of investment and financing experience of International Union Construction Group, how do you think the capital market can solve the financing problems of enterprises?

Aaron Wang: International Union Construction Group has been paying close attention to the financing problem of enterprises, hoping to obtain high-quality funds with low financing cost and good stability for enterprises and achieve leapfrog development. To this end, China International Union Construction Group takes the lead of domestic and overseas capital, famous domestic investment institutions and large foreign institutions to jointly initiate and set up a 50 billion yuan fund for China state construction industry. Through open bidding, the fund is open to eligible enterprises for application, guides the capital to cultivate and support high-quality enterprises, and invests in financing enterprises in the form of creditor's rights. This will greatly alleviate the financing difficulties of enterprises and create conditions for the formation of new growth poles of the industry.

As far as I know, the China national construction industry fund has attracted much attention at this symposium. How do you view the outcome of this symposium?

Wang Taoyu: this time, International Union Construction Group, and not only from around the country attending enterprises in-depth exchanges, GongYi cooperation, also with the tianjin binhai new area government formally signed a strategic industry fund agreement, aims to help enterprises solve the financing problem, further promote the depth of large and medium-sized enterprises in the area of production financing, promote the tianjin binhai new area as a whole industrial structure upgrade. As a large international joint-stock enterprise with investment as its core, China International Union Construction Group has been committed to providing enterprises with overall financial solutions, and gradually formed a multi-level investment system focusing on supply chain asset management, industrial fund, international investment, equity investment and securities investment. In the future, International Union Construction Group will continue to deepen the investment field, drive the capital to high-quality enterprises, grasp the needs of industrial development, and help the high-quality economic development.