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Pooling synergy for Unity, Cooperation and Common Development -- Focusing on Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2024

The Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2024 came to a close on March 29. In four days, nearly 2,000 delegates from more than 60 countries and regions conducted in-depth discussions at more than 40 sub-forums and related activities, sparking ideas and building broad consensus, contributing wisdom and strength to promoting economic growth, improving global governance and expanding cooperation platforms.


"Acting Responsibly for a Better Future"


Since its inception in 2001, the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), based in Asia and facing the world, has played an important role in building Asian consensus, promoting Asian cooperation and building an Asian community with a shared future. It has become a window for the international community to observe and understand China's development.


In today's world, century-old changes are accelerating, global economic recovery is sluggish, and peace and development face severe challenges. The theme of this year's Annual meeting, "Asia and the World: Common Challenges, Common Responsibilities", is highly relevant and reflects the common aspiration of the international community to meet challenges with unity and cooperation, promote development through openness and inclusiveness.


Inside and outside the venue, representatives from the political, business and academic circles of various countries had full exchanges and discussions on such important topics as "world economy", "scientific and technological innovation", "social development", "international cooperation" and "jointly meeting challenges", singing the strong voice of peaceful development and win-win cooperation, and seeking solutions to the challenges facing the world today.


Ban Ki-moon, Chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia, said that the Boao Forum for Asia is an important platform to discuss the pressing issues facing emerging markets in Asia and the world. During the annual meeting, the participants carried out inspiring and fruitful exchanges and discussions. All countries face common challenges and should shoulder common responsibilities. We hope that all parties can think critically about the reality and jointly create the future with responsible actions.


On the afternoon of March 29, Li Baodong, Secretary-General of the Boao Forum for Asia, said at the closing press conference of the annual conference that this year's Annual conference has achieved important and positive results, issued an important call for "unity and cooperation to jointly promote development" and reached a series of important consensus. All parties have a clearer understanding of the challenges facing the world today, and only through unity and cooperation can we better meet these challenges. Asian countries should jointly safeguard regional peace and security and maintain the positive momentum of Asia as a center of global economic growth. China is a pillar of sustainable development of the world economy and is expected to continue to be the country that contributes the most to world economic growth.


Today, Asia has become the most dynamic region with growth potential in the world, accounting for 40 percent of the global economy and contributing over 70 percent to global growth. Charles Dallara, partner of the Swiss Upwe Group and former director general of the Institute of International Finance, said that the Asian region is a dynamic and attractive investment destination. The Boao Forum for Asia brings together views from all sides and contributes wisdom to the development of Asia and the world.


Gutierrez, a member of the Boao Forum for Asia and former Secretary of Commerce of the United States, said that different countries have different histories, systems and cultures, and we should seek a basis for common cooperation. The Boao Forum for Asia is conducive to promoting dialogue and cooperation among Asian economies.


"Belt and Road cooperation is of great significance to enhancing connectivity"


"How to build a Digital Silk Road?" "What are the priorities of 'hard connectivity' and 'soft connectivity' in the next stage?" "How to drive the market to green and low-carbon development and allocate resources?" ... At the Belt and Road Green Investment and Financing Roundtable Sub-Forum, the High-quality Belt and Road Co-construction Sub-Forum and the Belt and Road Ministerial media meeting, all parties shared case results and offered suggestions on promoting high-quality development of the Belt and Road.


Since its inception more than 10 years ago, the Belt and Road Initiative has become a road of cooperation, opportunity and prosperity for the joint development of all countries. "The Belt and Road Initiative is of great significance to enhancing connectivity." Evgeny Vinokulov, chief economist of the Eurasian Development Bank, said that China has helped to enhance the level of regional economic integration in Asia, giving regional countries more opportunities to share the opportunities brought by China's high-quality development.


Bemanya Tewebaz, Director general of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization, frequently mentioned in an interview with our reporter the flagship projects of the Belt and Road jointly built by Africa and China, such as the Mombasa-Nairobi Railway and the Addis Ababa Railway, "This initiative is a well-welcomed international public good, which has improved the level of infrastructure construction in African countries and brought tangible benefits to the local people."


Frank Risberman, director of the Global Green Growth Institute, said that under the framework of jointly building the "Belt and Road", China has brought green investment to the country, including a number of projects such as electrified railways and clean energy, and jointly building a green "Belt and Road" will further promote world economic growth. "We need to further strengthen cooperation with China and other Asian countries in areas such as energy conservation, emission reduction, biodiversity protection and plastic waste reduction, so as to create a more sustainable future for mankind."


"Belt and Road cooperation has entered a new stage of high-quality development, and we are looking forward to the future." Chakrabarti, President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, said that Chinese smartphones have entered African countries and driven the development of local digital economy. "Jointly building the 'Digital Silk Road' will add impetus to global digital connectivity."


"We are full of confidence and expectations for the future of the Chinese market"


In the next five years, China's import and export of goods are expected to exceed US $32 trillion, and the huge market potential of over 1.4 billion people will continue to be released. Sub-forums such as "Investing in Asia's Future", "China's Economic Outlook" and "China-Eu Business Dialogue" focused on the Chinese economy, and people from many countries spoke highly of the opportunities China shares with other countries.


Today, China is a major trading partner of more than 140 countries and regions, a major source of investment for more and more countries, and one of the most important investment destinations for most countries. Many foreign companies have expressed their confidence in the prospects of China's economic development by investing in China.


At the "China Economic Outlook" sub-forum, Dai Pu, co-president of Roland Berger Global Management Committee, said that in the past decades, more and more multinational enterprises have benefited from China's economic growth and achieved success. "China is an important player in global value chains. At present, China is continuously opening up, promoting industrial upgrading and green and low-carbon development, creating more opportunities for foreign enterprises."


Hot words such as "new quality productivity", "high-quality development" and "innovation-driven" were widely discussed at the sub-forum of the annual meeting. Liu Jiangang, head of advisory services at KPMG China, said that in the global industrial chain, technologies such as artificial intelligence provide a solid foundation and power source for industrial innovation. "China has demonstrated its strong determination to promote technological innovation and digital transformation, and KPMG will increase its presence in the Chinese market to support China's high-quality development."


Richard Zayrad, a senior consultant at the Cohen Group in the United States, focuses on international investments in pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and energy. "China has released a series of positive signals of greater openness and win-win cooperation, and we are full of confidence and expectations for the future of the Chinese market."


Wanquan River, the sky is high and the sea is wide. The Boao Forum for Asia is bound to create a more prosperous future for Asia and the world by pooling the synergy of unity, cooperation and common development.


Source: Chinese government website