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ICG and Aaron wang, President of the "One Belt And One Road" infrastructure investment double award

On November 12, 2019, the 2019 One Belt And One Road Chinese enterprise globalization BBS and overseas investment summit kicked off in Shanghai. The summit, hosted by the world federation of free trade areas, will focus on the global financial system, the new economic situation and global asset allocation. The world federation of free trade areas is an international non-governmental organization registered with the United Nations economic and social affairs agency.

Around the theme of "Chinese capital, global allocation", the summit will invite nearly 600 guests including global business leaders, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and industry elites to discuss the future development trend of overseas investment. After recently winning the "One Belt And One Road" industrial investment award, ICG again won the "One Belt And One Road" urban infrastructure investment leading enterprise award in China at this summit, and Aaron wang, President of the "One Belt And One Road" basic industry asset management outstanding leader in China.

Since the One Belt And One Road initiative was put forward, many large infrastructure cooperation projects have been implemented. According to statistics, the infrastructure investment demand of countries along the "One Belt And One Road" is at least more than 10.6 trillion us dollars. Faced with such a huge financial demand, expanding diversified financing channels has become an important link in the development process of "One Belt And One Road". ICG has accumulated more than 10 years of investment management experience in the field of infrastructure construction, and is committed to providing enterprises with financial services such as TRS total income swap, OS capital management, overseas investment, supply chain capital management, industrial fund, securities investment and equity investment, playing an irreplaceable role in the field of basic industry and international production capacity cooperation. Given the large scale and long period of investment in infrastructure projects, it is difficult for general financing schemes to meet the capital needs. ICG leads domestic and overseas capital, domestic famous investment institutions and large foreign institutions to jointly launch and set up a global industrial fund with a total scale of 50 billion yuan -- guojian industrial fund. China construction industry fund is open to all domestic large, small and medium-sized enterprises and state-owned enterprises to select outstanding enterprises with high growth potential and good credit status through public bidding, guide domestic and foreign capital to invest in the development of basic industries, and accelerate the improvement of infrastructure level of countries along the "One Belt And One Road". For the unqualified non-investment grade enterprises, ICG carried out TRS total income swap, helped infrastructure enterprises issue overseas financing products that meet investment grade in Hong Kong, optimized debt structure, and effectively broke financing barriers.

Aaron wang, President of ICG, said that the award from the world free trade area federation is a recognition and encouragement for ICG's contribution to the construction of One Belt And One Road. "One Belt And One Road" basic industry development not only needs "blood transfusion", but also needs to improve their "hematopoietic" ability. ICG will ensure the sustainable development of enterprises as a prerequisite for financing, emphasizing the co-existence of short-term and long-term financing capacity. It is not only helpful to make up the fund gap of the project, but also can optimize the enterprise management concept, construction technology, financing mode and operation experience to improve the success rate of infrastructure construction projects, so as to develop new market opportunities and truly help the basic industries along the "One Belt And One Road" to become bigger and stronger.

The world free trade area association has become a bridge link for many One Belt And One Road-related enterprises to cooperate, bearing the mission of trade globalization. With the increasing international recognition of the One Belt And One Road initiative, the infrastructure cooperation among countries along the belt and road is becoming more solid, and the prospect of infrastructure connectivity is promising. As an active responder of the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative and a strong practitioner of serving the real economy, ICG has always been committed to reform, pioneering and innovation, firmly supporting the national strategy and serving the real economy. Relying on the advantages of global resources and rich experience in capital market management, ICG will continue to focus on "One Belt And One Road" infrastructure investment, pave the road and bridge for connecting the fast-growing and dynamic Asian economic circle with the mature and developed European economic circle, and realize the great idea of "One Belt And One Road".